A settembre 3 webinar dedicati all'Additive Manufacturing

10 Settembre 2020


Vi segnaliamo tre interessanti webinar proposti da EOS, nostro partner in Additive FVG.  I webinar saranno in lingua inglese | Per info e registrazioni > LINK

17 settembre | Your Biggest Questions Answered
Metal additive manufacturing (AM) may seem like the “new kid on the block” compared to other materials processing techniques. However, it has come a long way in a short time due to breakthroughs in materials science and an explosion of R&D to understand the structure, process, properties, and performance relationships. As a result of this rapid evolution, metal AM has been widely adopted in order to enable innovations across all industries. But because it has matured at hyper-speed, many people have important questions about the new materials, best practices and state-of-the-art processes involved.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The origin story of DMLS and the initial challenges of the technology
  • The current state of materials and process development
  • Why Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) are so important
  • How we assess (and communicate) a materials TRL level

22 settembre | Spice up your Application! Customize 3D Printing Materials! 
If you're already an expert in powder-based 3D printing systems with extensive experience of standard materials, but still increasingly find yourself looking for alternative materials that meet the specific and very exacting requirements of your customers ‑ then ALM is the ideal partner for you!
ALM (Advanced Laser Materials) is part of the EOS Ecosystem and has specialized in the development and manufacture of tailored, custom-made high performance polymer mixtures for additive manufacturing.

You too can benefit from this expertise and find out how to:

  • quickly recognize the special requirements of applications
  • effectively optimize components and
  • simply and efficiently scale and qualify your production

Sam Houston, Product Line Manager ALM Materials (EOS)
Hugo Mendieta, Material Application Specialist (EOS)

24 settembre | Crack-Free, 3D Printed Parts with IN939!
If you're still looking for an AM alloy suitable for crack-free printing that enables the production of complex high-temperature parts in critical applications, then look no further... ‑ we present our new IN939 material – the first commercially available solution for the additive manufacturing of parts requiring excellent high-temperature strength, such as the extremely hot parts of turbomachinery.

This webinar session will update you on

  • nickel-based superalloys in general and the challenges faced in the world of additive manufacturing
  • the material properties of IN939 at room temperature and extremely high temperatures
  • its crack-free microstructure and the reduced post-processing procedure

Abdul-Shaafi Shaikh, R&D Engineer (EOS Oy)