NAMS is born: the first startup supported in the context of ADDITIVE FVG

29 August 2018


NAMS was born, the first startup of the ADDITIVE FVG network.
Thanks to the solid knowledge of the Additive Manufacturing (AM) market and of the IT applications of its members, NAMS aims to give a significant boost to the deployment of additive technology, starting from Italy.

The essential point of the company philosophy is a strong collaboration and networking between the various actors of the value chain that will be managed by NAMS: this is lacking in the market. In fact, the AM production will be managed also through the production capacity of third parties that will guarantee a very wide availability of materials and fast production times.
The company philosophy is based on the awareness that to be successful in the AM it is necessary to intervene synergistically on the factors TRAINING / KNOWLEDGE, QUALIFICATION OF THE PRODUCTION PROCESS, ANALYSIS OF PRODUCTS, SEARCH OF ADDED VALUE.

First of all, the choice and adaptation / optimization of the parts to be produced is essential for obtaining successful business cases; secondly, an efficient and fast production network leads to exploiting the full potential of additive technology. Finally, it is also very important to know how to spread the knowledge so that the bases can be created for new professional figures.