New EOS P 770 system for polymeric materials

29 August 2018


Thanks to new hardware and software features, compared to its predecessor the EOS P 770 system manages to be up to 20% more productive and even reduce costs by 10% per part. For companies that use innovative systems for the production of inserts and molds for large volumes by injection molding, EOS and GFMS (GF Machining Solutions) present the model AM S 290 Tooling which, based on the famous EOS M 290, is the basis for an optimal integration between additive manufacturing and conventional production.


The strategic partnership between the two companies is a key element for further industrialization in the tooling sector. With the presence on the market of 10 polymeric materials and 18 types of materials/thickness, EOS is a reference point in terms of raw material supply.

Furthermore, its ParameterEditor allows customizations starting from standard values. The system is used in polymers processing with two 70W lasers used for large products and in industrial manufacturing for large volumes.