What is Additive FVG?


Technologies until recently used only in very specific sectors such as aerospace and medical, but which will soon revolutionize industrial production for all manufacturing and beyond: they are additive technologies, or 3D printing at industrial production level.

The ability to use these technologies will become in the next few years a fundamental factor of competitive advantage for companies, which will soon need new skills, especially in the design of new products. But it does not stop there: thanks to these technologies, companies can also rethink their business models, for example, in the management of spare parts.


In the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia there are unique and favorable conditions to become a European reference point on additive technologies. It is possible to ensure that in FVG the skills grow faster than in other european regions and that faster is the competitive use of these technologies by local companies.

In fact in our Region there are:

  • a leading global company which is a forerunner in the field of 3D technologies applied to orthopedics: Lima Corporate 

  • 3 universities (UniUD, UniTs and SISSA) that have started the LAMA (Advanced Mechatronics Laboratory) with a section (Udine) dedicated to research and development of knowledge on additive technologies

  • a reference cluster for the management of the regional engineering system, COMET, which includes almost 4,000 companies

  • a special technology school aimed at a quality insertion into the world of work, that trains higher technicians in strategic technological areas for economic development and business competitiveness: ITS Malignani

  • Science and Technolgy Park (Luigi Danieli of Udine) which is integrated and in close relationship with the research system, the companies of the territory and with Europe: more than 200 are the European project partners with whom it is in close relationship, thanks to the European projects

  • large companies that are interested in these technologies

All this has led, at the beginning of 2017, to the launching of meetings and discussions not only with local interlocutors, but also with Austrian research centers such as the Graz Joanneum and with the world's leading manufacturer of industrial systems for 3D printing: EOS. 

It is immediately understood the opportunity to develop a new project, Additive FVG. It represents an instrument of industrial policy, which is coherent with the Regional Intelligent Specialization Strategy and the regional FGG Rilancimpresa law and it is characterized by a transversal and linking vision on the components that, more than others, contribute to increasing the competitiveness of a territory:

  • KNOWLEDGE: to train human resources and skills, to do applied research

  • COMPANIES: to work with companies (small, medium and large)

  • BUSINESS IDEAS: to support ideas and startups

ADDITIVE FVG is a project that, through coherent actions with a common vision, puts in a team, enhances and further strengthens the skills of different subjects (Universities, companies, researchers, startups, technical institutes, clusters) to accelerate the development of the Region, so that everyone is aware of his role, but tended together with others towards a common goal.


After the event "It will happen. The next-coming manufacturing in FVG "on 30 March 2017, organized by Friuli Innovazione and COMET at the Luigi Danieli Science and Technology Park in Udine, Friuli Innovazione has consolidated its relationships and developed many insights with all the main interlocutors.

To underline:

  • the cooperation with the University of Udine, aimed at organizing the Open Days Additive FVG: 3 sessions dedicated to companies to learn about additive technologies (22.9.2017, 20.10.2017, 23 and 28.11.2017)

  • the cooperation with ITS Malignani, which has included in its courses for the 2017/2018 school year a 40-hour module that is dedicated to additive technologies. It will be developed in collaboration with LAMA. The ITS Malignani is also evaluating how to design a new course of study that will be entirely dedicated to the additive technologies

  • the contacts with the companies of the Region, in order to verify with ad hoc meetings their degree of interest on the initiative and the possibility of developing Additive FVG Square. Additive FVG Square is a place where companies can operate with 3D industrial printing systems to understand the technologies and to understand how apply them to their products and components, train resources, accelerate the transfer of knowledge from the University of Udine and form new resources

  • the actions to develop, in the Friuli Innovazione certified business incubator, additional skills suitable to support business ideas and startups in the field of additive technologies, materials (printing powders) and simulation software

  • the actions to involve EOS, the leading manufacturer of 3D industrial printing systems, in the development of the Additive FVG project