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Business accelerator and certified incubator, Friuli Innovazione promotes the collaboration between researchers and companies and it promotes the industrial use of scientific and technological results produced by research. Friuli Innovazione assists young entrepreneurs, companies and researchers in the development of innovative and high-tech business ideas, through the search for partners and funding, the start-up of new businesses, incubation and settlement.
The operating model of Friuli Innovazione does not have any operating fund and therefore does not have public resources that support its operation. It is based on the ability to offer services to companies in a competitive way, both consulting and settlement in the structures of the Luigi Danieli Science and Technology Park in Udine, and to submit projects (European, national, regional) that, if approved and financed , become services that Friuli Innovazione puts at the disposal of the territory without charge.


COMET – Cluster  is delegated by the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia for the management of the metalworking system, starting from the sectors related to the reference industrial district: mechanics, thermoelectromechanics, components, plastics and metal products. Cluster COMET in the first quarter of 2016 has 3,773 active companies and an export of about 6 billion euros; the employees are 56,543 (Infocamere data). Its most important goal is to make companies interact and to assist companies in order to enhance their competitiveness, despite the growing complexity of the Italian and foreign reference markets.
COMET has the role of raising awareness of the issues related to Industry 4.0 of the companies belonging to the Cluster. In this process of digital transformation Additive technologies represents one of the concrete opportunities for metalworking companies, useful for increasing production efficiency and guaranteeing a competitive advantage. In a region historically oriented to chip export processing, it is strategic to sensitize and train companies to a new technology which is capable of radically changing production processes, in particular design, and the way of doing business.
COMET, in close collaboration with the "Additive FVG" partners, carries out concrete activities to let understand the potential of Additive technology and to transform it into a concrete value for the company, the sector, the products and the customers.



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Higher education, research and technology transfer, interaction with the territory, internationalization: these are the areas of intervention of the University of Udine, one in function of the other and in a mutual flow of knowledge, experience and projects. In addition to the Udine headquarters, the university is rooted in the Friuli area and, in particular, in the two provinces of Gorizia and Pordenone with their respective multi-purpose centers.
In addition to the traditional activities of higher education and scientific research, the University of Udine carries out an intense activity of transferring innovative technologies and knowledge, placing itself at the service of society and the productive and economic world. Cutting-edge skills translated into international scientific partnerships, publications, books and patents. This is the synthesis of the multidisciplinary research activity developed in the departments and interdepartmental centers of the University of Udine.
The commitment in the field of research and of the transfer of innovation is evidenced also by highly specialized structures such as the university agricultural company "Antonio Servadei", the University-Hospital of Udine, the research and technological transfer center Friuli Innovazione (which manages the Udine Science and Technology Park) the Publishing House Forum and the Friuli Training Consortium.
The transfer of knowledge and technology, from consultancy to analysis and design, is carried out through various tools activated by the University and through a combinated action of support services and incubation of companies, research laboratories, R & D laboratories of companies, centers of certification and service.



ITS MALIGNANI is the only Mechatronic institute in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region and the only Aeronautical institute for maintenance in the north-east of Italy. Guarantees the specialized skills required by companies of the sector. In just two years it allows to obtain a high level of education and a high-tech diploma recognized by the MIUR. It offers reliable employability and allows inclusion in advanced sectors of companies.


  • Qualified teaching
  • Equipped and advanced laboratories
  • Training path to obtain the LMA aeronautical maintenance license according to the EC regulation 2042/2003
  • Direct collaboration with national and international mechanical and aeronautical companies
  • Maintenance facilities of the Parco del Volo - Campoformido Airport
  • Tradition of a school that has made the history of Friuli technology and Italian aeronautics